AcaStat Software develops innovative analytic solutions to make data analysis simple and affordable. Our mission is to encourage broader use of analytics worldwide by providing low-cost alternatives to expensive statistical software packages.

AcaStat Software was established by a statistics professor to provide analytic tools that help students apply basic analytical techniques taught in statistics courses and to develop the skills necessary to use expensive software applications.  Today, in addition to being an instructional aid, many of those using AcaStat and StatCalc are researchers, managers, professors, and students who require a low-cost statistical software option.  Unlike competitors, our software does not require annual license fees.

We offer a
free site license for secondary and post-secondary academic institutions to use in computer labs.  Our software is available for Windows and Mac platforms and can be purchased from this site or Apple's App Store.  Suggestions for improving the software are always welcome.

Consistent with our mission, you pay once to support development efforts. AcaStat Software does not require monthly rental fees and we do not charge for upgrades.

Company Information

AcaStat Software,  Established 1999
Owner: Phil Crewson, PhD
Registered business in Loudoun County Virginia, USA.

Distribution Statistics

Our products are used in 42 countries. Based on sales data from August 1, 2013 to August 1, 2018, the regional distribution shows almost half of our users are located outside of North America.

Contact Information

AcaStat Software
43887 Siren Song Ter
Leesburg, VA 20176